Operation JuJuPi

A Political Fantasy feature film, starring Chaams, Written & Directed by Arunkanth.
Operation JuJuPi Poster
covid 60 short film poster

Covid 60 - Short

Takes you to the Edge of Life and Back !
Tamil Short Film - Thriller
K Short Film Poster

K-The Beginning - Short

For People - It is a News ! For the Police - It is a War !
Tamil Short Film - Thriller
En Pakkam Nee Vaa Short Film Poster

En Pakkam Nee Vaa - Short

How Love Works ? Psychology of Love & Romance
Tamil Short Film - Romance

Tik Tok - Short

You will never attempt the madness again !
Tamil Short Film - Thriller

Chakravyugham - Short

Twist your brains ! - Unlock the Mystery - Solve the Crime
Tamil Short Film - Thriller

Goko Mako - Feature

Completely shot on GoPro, A crazy road-tip turns into a music video - Tamil Feature Film - Crazy Comedy Drama

Sengandhal - Music Video

Make yourself bolder ! Fredoom to Womanhood. Fly High. Motivational Tamil Music Video Song that inspires