Welcome to AK Online Originals ! Season 1 - A Fully Funded Filmmaking Program !

Apply using the form below if you meet these eligibility Criteria Only !

~ Applicants and their technicians must have completed atleast 2 Quality short films or 1 Feature Film which are technically good.
~ Applicants must submit the scripts within 3 days from the date of approval of the application
~ The technicians who are to be involved in the making must be also technically qualified with proven experience as mentioned on the first point.
~ Films must not have dialouges - Sounds / Music is allowed.
~ The Edited version / Final cut on ProRes 422 HQ must be handed over to us once your application is approved, within 1 Week.
~ The length of the short films should be within 5 to 7 minutes and the credits must not be more than 15 seconds.
~ Further post production activities like sound design and sound mix will be handled by our team else you may choose to give us a completed film if you wish.
~ Films should not contain any usage of Smoking, Alcohol, Drug, Adult content, Violence at all.
~ The film must not have stock footages shot by anyone else other than the filmmaking team. No usage of any copyrighted material is allowed.
~ A Movie Poster on a good resolution should also be provided
~ A 50% advance shall be provided on the total funds approved for the topic and your script. The balance funds shall be disbursed once the required media material is handed over to our team. In case you over shoot the budget, its on you !
~ This is a professional program. Amature filmmakers are not entertained under this program. Really Sorry guys !
~ The films must be made on a cinematical way of story telling and not a documentary style.
~ On this season we can accomodate only 5 Short Films / Filmmakers per category of the chosen topic.
~ AK Online's Team's decision is final on all matters !

If you think you are good to go, apply now ! We shall scrutinize your application and profile and revert if appropriate.

Best Wishes ! We wish to support #IndependentFilmMakers !

AK Online Original - Funded Program Application - Proceed to apply only after reading the above terms !