About AK Online OTT for Independent Films - InfoPluto Media Works
A revolutionary OTT Platform for the Indie !
Only HD. No Ads. No Subscriptions. Watch using Points.

AK Online is owned by InfoPluto Media Works.

Unique Features of the App :- 
 ~ An OTT platform for Independent Films / Indie content. User can now Watch unique Movies, Short Films, Documentaries, Series / Shows, Music Videos, Videos on Film Making & Videos on Art Education.
~ It is based on Points system. New Users get preloaded points when they register on the app. Once the points are exhausted, users may choose to  request additional points
~ Filmmakers have the freedom to fix points needed to watch their film and also it's validity.
~ Filmmakers get their customer / user database every month.
~ Live TV channel 24x7 with unique content that entertains you positively. Our Live TV channel also publishes the promos & Trailers of our content creators, free of cost.
- No irritating Ads what so ever !
~ No monthly / yearly subscription charges.
- Only HD

Welcome to a world of Independence for Indie Film Makers !

Note : We do not accept content with too much of negativity and content which uses extensive / unreasonable Smoking / Alcohol / Adult Only stuff / Illegal Substances Usage / Psychic Criminal Brain Damaging Content. Hence request you to think twice before pitching it to us. We welcome any content that entertains with some positivity. It must be an independent film that is yet to reach the audience. Our revenue share witht the content creator is 80%

An initiative by ArunKanth to support Independent Film Makers !

Watch the Intro Video about AK Online OTT Platform for Independent Films !